2016-06-21 19:00:00  Garden Party at the Ecole Militaire

	Garden Party at the Ecole Militaire

The Oxford and Cambridge Societies of Paris will hold their Annual Garden Party at the Ecole Militaire on Tuesday 21st June at 6.30 pm. We will be joined by guests from les Anciens élèves et diplômés de l’Ecole Polytechnique. 


In the year that we celebrate the 400th. anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, Dr Nicolas Bell, Librarian at Trinity College, Cambridge’s Wren Library, will tell us all about William Ireland who “discovered” a number of lost Shakespeare plays at the end of the 18th Century, which have now been determined to be forgeries. 


The presentation will be followed by a response from the guest of honour of les Anciens de l'X.


Details of Registration have been e-mailed to Members, and prior registration, by 10 June at the latest, is essential, as no-one whose name does not appear on the guest list will be admitted to the venue the security of which is particularly tight.


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