2017/05/16 09:00 Visit of Conseil Constitutionnel

Visit of Conseil Constitutionnel
Event Organiser: OUSP

We have been granted privileged access to a hearing and visit of the French Constitutional Council, a court vested with various powers, including in particular the review of the constitutionality of legislationOur visit will include a 60-90 minute hearing followed by a Q & A session, then a brief presentation and tour of the institution.

The hearing we attend will be related to the "Loi Léonetti", on the right to die with dignity, an issue much in the news recently.

This will be a QPC (Question prioritaire de constitutionnalité) hearing. These rulings on the issue of constitutionality are the right of any person who is involved in legal proceedings before a court to argue that a statutory provision infringes rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. They were introduced fairly recently, in the constitutional reform of July 23rd 2008.

A word on the building: The palace was originally built by Cardinal Richelieu and given to Louis XIII in 1642, when it became known as Palais Royal. Louis XIV lived there for a short time and, after the Revolution, Louis Philippe built the Montpensier lane where the Conseil Constitutionnel now stands. Napoléon's brother Jérôme lived there during the Second empire and most of the interior design dates back to this time.

Information has been sent out to members.

Confirmation of attendance is required before 20 April; Photographic identity is essential for entry on the day

Please consult the email sent to members for booking instructions.

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