2017-11-09 19:00:00 Play Reading: The Crucible, Arthur Miller, Part II

Play Reading: The Crucible, Arthur Miller, Part II
Event Organiser: OUSP

Our next play reading evening will be on Thursday 9th. November 2017 at 7pm at the usual venue (for details, see e-mail sent to members). As we did not finish reading the play, Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" at our last reading, we shall be continuing with the last two Acts. It will be led again by Paul Tracy (Oriel). Paul writes of The Crucible:

“Arthur Miller’s play about the sorcery trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 was, as he freely stated, a parable on the investigations conducted by Senator Mccarthy’s Un-American activities Senate committee in the early 1950’s. Miller himself was indicted for refusing to name former Communist sympathisers.

“The play takes leading Salem citizens – John Procter and his wife Elizabeth, Reverend John Hale and their ambitious rivals – together with a number of girls, in particular Abigail Williams, who partly for fun, partly out of sexual jealousy, are hiding in the woods to cast spells on their elders. This, together with the rigid morality of this Protestant community, leads to a remorseless process whereby the secrets behind the façade gradually leak out, culminating in a trial for witchcraft before the daunting prosecutor Danforth.

“Action is tense, plenty of good male & female roles, all combining to make a fascinating evening. “

Please reply to Roger Thorn (roger.thorn@wanadoo.fr) if you wish to join. There will be the usual participation of €5 per head, payable in cash on the evening.


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