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Activities include


  1. Dinners and breakfast talks with distinguished speakers

  2. Informal pub evenings

• Theatre visits

  1. Play readings

  2. Concert & opera events

  3. Visits to exhibitions

  4. Visits to historical sites

  5. Summer garden party at the British Embassy

  6. Formal dinners, informal parties

  7. Bal de l’X

  8. Pétanque, golf, snooker

  9. Boat race

  10. Varsity match

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Welcome to OUSP

We provide past and present members of Oxford University and their guests with a wide variety of events - stimulating, cultural or simply fun. You can get a flavour of our activities by looking at upcoming events (top right). For more details, click on Coming Events (you can also view Past events).

Events mix the best of British, the best of French and wider cross-cultural activities. Several events are organized jointly with the Cambridge Society and alumni of other leading universities. OUSP members are also invited to events organized by other groups such as Géostratégies 2000, Ecole polytechnique...

We would be delighted to welcome you as a member. If you want to talk to a current member before committing, come to one of our pub evenings - or you can chat informally offline. Get in touch.

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