Glory Days of Paris 2.) The Philosophical Framework, Dadaism and Surrealism - A Guided Tour

13 Jun 2019 08:31 | Anonymous

Glory Days of Paris - A celebration of the exuberant and heady Années Folles when Paris was at the epicentre of the intellectual and artistic world

Complimenting the lecture “The Philosophical Framework, Dadaism and Surrealism" the Cambridge Society of Paris is organizing a private guided tour, also at Christie's, of the Destribats Collection on Tuesday 2nd July at 9am.

The Destribats Collection is an Avant-Garde library which has never been available to the public and which is to be auctioned by Christie's in the days following the tour.

This really is a special opportunity to see these works that have been kept secret for so long and you can attend the guided tour whether or not you come to the lecture on Friday 28th June.

You and your friends are very warmly invited!

To attend, kindly complete the registration form here and follow the instructions within.



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